Underutilized crops and new technologies are set to shape the next generation of plant-based products

Specifically, the proteins and technologies needed to appeal the new product to semi-vegetarian consumers who want to reduce meat consumption for environmental, health and ethical reasons. These new consumers do not compromise on the flavor, texture and appearance of these products. On the other hand, many plant proteins at this time lack true environmental and nutritional qualifications. Therefore, the challenge for producers is to make all next-generation plant-based products with better taste, texture, nutrition and environmental quality at the same price as meat to win the cohort of these new meat substitutes. Is to make with.

A recent EIT food report examining the confidence levels of 20,000 consumers in Europe revealed that people are generally positive about plant-based food innovation, but they were concerned. “Overproduction, additives, GMO / OGM and loss of authenticity”.

EIT Food’s Rising Food Stars program aims to find and nurture young brands that may be able to “modify the current food system” and make them “sustainable, healthy and reliable.”

“These companies are funded and supported to scale up and bring them to market.”EIT Food Director Innovation Paola Giavedoni was described. She said EIT Food is focusing on “risk takers” and “pioneers” who seek turmoil and innovation. “Our role is to grow and grow small seeds. To innovate, we need to be confused.”

There are 55 start-ups in the current crop and 12 start-ups in the alternative protein sector. Recently added is Innova Pro, an Israeli startup. It produces chickpea concentrate that food manufacturers can use to produce egg-free mayonnaise, vegan ice cream, veggie burger, and more. InnovoPro has developed a patented technology that can extract 70% protein concentrate from chickpeas. It can be used in a variety of applications as an emulsifier and foaming agent that can replace eggs, oils and gluten without compromising taste or texture. The protein has a refreshing taste. This means that manufacturers can create clean-labeled products, helping to provide a potential solution to a long ingredient list of plant-based products. Underutilized crops and new technologies are set to shape the next generation of plant-based products

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