Ukraine has introduced a reputable strike drone

The strength of Ukraine’s special operations has open fleet of reputable drones “Punisher”.

The electric vehicle, launched from a catapult, carries three powerful munitions capable of damaging military vehicles within a radius of 50 meters (164 feet).

At 2.28 meters (7.5 feet) wide, the drone can fly up to 30 miles (48.2 kilometers) at a maximum altitude of 396 meters (1,300 feet) under the control of a ground pilot with a laptop. The sun reported.

Flies with a reconnaissance drone

The aircraft has a top speed of 125 miles (201 kilometers) per hour and releases explosives immediately after capturing the target. The British daily added that the ammunition could be adjusted so that it exploded into fragments or a fireball.

The Punisher flies along with a smaller Specter reconnaissance drone that helps him determine targets.

“The power of this weapon is its stealth,” said the engineer Eugene Bulatsov told The sun.

Armed against the rebels since 2016

According to the manufacturer, the drone has been deployed against pro-Russian insurgents in the country since 2016, completing “hundreds” of successful missions.

“This has been wreaking havoc in the pro-Russian rear in the Donbass for years because the enemy does not know what hit them.

“It’s relatively small and light enough that it can’t be detected by radar, and you can’t see or hear it when you take to the air, making it a nightmare on the battlefield.

“Moreover, he can drop three bombs at once or hit three separate targets and then return to base to reload and send into battle in a matter of minutes.”

Editor’s note: An earlier version of this story incorrectly said that Ukraine had deployed these drones against Russia. Ukraine has introduced a reputable strike drone

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