UK Watchdog plans to investigate Amazon’s data usage-FT

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The Financial Times reported Thursday as an anonymous story of three people familiar with the situation, as a British competition watchdog is planning a formal competitive investigation into e-commerce company Amazon.com Inc.

According to the newspaper, the Competition and Markets Authority has been analyzing Amazon’s business for several months, adding that regulators are looking at how online retailers use the data they collect on the platform.

Regulators also scrutinized how Amazon decides which sellers to display in the critical “purchase box” (the white panel to the right of the item that the buyer clicks to add to the cart). The report added.

Amazon asked for comment on Thursday, but didn’t respond immediately.

According to the newspaper, the company’s research could focus on whether Amazon prefers sellers who also use logistics and shipping services when deciding who has access to purchase boxes and prime customers. The timing and scope of the investigation is still under consideration.

According to the report, the investigation is likely to cover similar grounds as the investigation underway in the European Union.

Brussels is conducting two open investigations into Amazon, one investigating how the company is using data to develop its products to the potential disadvantages of its rivals, and another. Is investigating the usage criteria of the purchase box.

Reported by Kanishka Singh in Bangalore.Edited by Kenneth Maxwell

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