UEFA President: 12 teams “responsible” for participating in the Super League

April 25 (UPI)- UEFA President Alexander Cheferin said on Sunday that all 12 teams would be “responsible” for their first participation in the European Super League last week.

Ceferin said some teams would face less punishment if they opt out of the proposed football league immediately.

Twelve clubs (six from England and three from Spain and Italy) announced on April 18 that they will leave to form the Super League. This move has sparked almost universal opposition from fans, players, managers and government officials.

After the protest, all six English teams reversed the course and canceled plans to join the league. A spectacular reversal took place within 48 hours of the initial announcement of the formation of the Super League.

Spanish clubs Atletico Madrid and Serie A’s Inter Milan and AC Milan have each subsequently canceled their decision to participate in ESL.

Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus have not officially withdrawn from the tournament at this time.

“Everyone has to take results for what they did and we can’t pretend that nothing happened,” Ceferin said. Told reporters.. “You can’t do that, you just say,’I was punished because everyone hates me.’ They have no problems for anyone other than themselves. What they did is a matter of concern and we will know in a few days what we have to do.

“But for me, it’s a clear difference between the British club and the other six clubs. They first withdrew and admitted that they made a mistake. To say,” I was wrong. ” Needs some splendor.

“For me, there are three of these twelve groups: English Six, which I went to first, and then the other three. [Atletico Madrid, AC Milan, Inter] After them, and those who feel the planet is flat and think the Super League still exists [Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus].. And there is a big difference between them. But everyone will be held accountable. “

Ceferin also protested the club’s withdrawal from the Super League and praised the fans who supported it. Hundreds of Chelsea fans gathered outside Stamford Bridge before the match against Brighton on Monday, and similar protests were seen in Anfield, Old Trafford and Emirates.

“Look, to be honest, I was completely impressed by the reaction of the fans. football It is a community, not only a soccer community, but also a society. “I’ve never seen this,” he said.

“And, of course, the British government played a big role in everything, but much more was done by the fans.”

The 12 ESL participants announced said they would play the mid-week game “while continuing to compete in their respective national leagues.” The club also claimed that the Super League would provide “greater financial support for the football pyramid.”

However, this proposal has been widely criticized throughout Europe. Unlike current Champions League tournaments, where teams must qualify in the national league, the founder’s ESL club guarantees that they will compete in new tournaments each year.

The British Football Association, the Royal Spanish Football Federation, the Italian Football Federation, the Premier League, Liga and Serie A issued a joint statement last week against the Super League, calling it an “sarcastic project.”

UEFA and the federation said the ESL was “established for the self-interest of some clubs in an era when society needed more solidarity than ever before.”

After opt-out, the Super League proposal was put on hold. UEFA President: 12 teams “responsible” for participating in the Super League

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