UBS cooperates with the US investment network

UBS is merging with a chain of alternative investment firms in the U.S. that manages more than $300 billion in institutional assets.

National Association of Investment Companies of the United States (NAIC), the nation’s largest chain of diversified ownership alternative investment firms, has signed on UBS as a partner. UBS will become a platinum sponsor of the Washington-based NAIC to support its inclusive investment proposition.

Founded in 1971, the association has more than 170 alternative investment firms that collectively manage more than $300 billion in institutional assets. NAIC member firms invest in more than 1,028 portfolio companies worldwide, according to the association. As part of the sponsorship, UBS will support and participate in virtual and in-person NAIC events and programs with NAIC member firms, partners and investment plan and institutional decision makers.

At UBS, we are focused on raising more capital and investment to support diversity, equity and inclusion, said Tom Naratil, president of UBS Americas and co-president of the firm’s global wealth management division. UBS and NAIC are committed to building long-term relationships with member firms, including high-performing alternative investment managers under diverse ownership, the statement added.

NAIC will introduce UBS to its member firms through virtual and in-person road shows that will support the newly launched UBS Inclusive Investing offering.

Naratil will soon end his long career at the bank, leaving UBS on October 3 when Iqbal Khan will take over as sole head of UBS’s flagship Global Wealth Management unit.

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