Two local cooperatives are buying Paragon Ag Service, Ltd.

The deal is expected to close in mid-February, and in the coming weeks the sites will be transferred to the cooperative banner.

Prairie North Co-op will acquire the Melfort and Brooksby sites. The Lake Country Co-op will acquire locations in Kinistina and a section of anhydrous ammonia near Gronlid.

All parties work together to ensure that employees are offered opportunities for further business development.

“One of the things that former owners Sherman Boland and Don Nash admired was how their people were treated, as well as their heritage in society.”

Tremblay said Co-op intends to offer the same services. Businesses are looking forward to the transition from the leaders of the waterless ammonia fertilizer industry.

“That was something Paragon was very good at, and we’re excited to get involved since we just started the waterless ammonia fertilizer business in Melford.”

All three felt that this transition was natural as all companies preferred service and community.

“We really appreciate Don and Sherman. We appreciate the legacy they have left behind and we hope to be able to give it away fairly, ”Trembla said.

On Twitter: @RachelMayFM Two local cooperatives are buying Paragon Ag Service, Ltd.

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