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Eric Grunwedel

With October just around the corner, ad-supported streamer Tubi and the standalone Paramount+ are releasing Halloween-themed content to attract and retain subscribers.

Fox Entertainment’s Tubi streaming platform announced a month-long “Terror on Tubi” campaign featuring 13,000 horror, thriller and slasher movies, including six Tubi originals Alone in the dark (October 7); Battle of the Beasts: Bigfoot vs. Yeti (October 12); The ultimate rose (October 14); remake Terror train (October 21); Light, Camera, Murder: The Scream (October 26), and A party to die for (October 28).

Tubi will also stream 27,000 hours of Halloween content, including horror movies like Stephen King movies This, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Ovenand The Twilight Zone: The Movie as well as thrillers such as Interview with a vampire, The silence of the lambsand Predatorsamong others.

“We continue to serve viewers with the largest collection of free Halloween titles on streaming, making Tubi an essential destination for fans of the genre,” said Adam Levinson, chief content officer, in a statement.

Separately Art Paramount+ Peak Screaming Collection returns to service today with extended Halloween content. The list has more than twice as many programs as last year, including new originals, horror films and classic TV series.

He made his debut this year Monster High: The Movie (Oct. 6), a live musical from Nickelodeon; new thrillers Another important thing (October 7); the release of the new series “Ghosts” on Halloween (October 27). More Halloween-themed content can be found on Paramount+ here.

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