Training in the safe use of antibiotics

Approved by the Quality Assurance Scheme on Beef and Lamb Farms of Northern Ireland, completion of this course ensures compliance with Standard 2.3 as set out in the NIBL ​​FQAS 2018 Standards and Regulations.

Lantra offers special e-learning courses to provide farmers and their veterinarians with the tools necessary for the responsible use of antibiotics on farms. The range of courses available includes: AMBP – antibiotics in dairy products; AMBP – antibiotics in pigs; AMBP – antibiotics in beef; AMBP – antibiotics in sheep; AMBP – Veterinary Resource Center

Each course covers the fundamentals of antibiotics and antimicrobial resistance (AMR) with a blend of theory and practical applications such as antibiotic management on farms, responsibilities and best practices of responsible use.

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Each sector (dairy, pigs, beef and sheep) has a set of modules, including two core modules and a sector focusing module that they choose from five.

This training is available online and can be accessed through the Lantra e-learning platform

Participants who successfully completes the course will receive a certificate of Lantra training.

To find out more, contact the Northern Ireland office at [email protected] or 07867 908 171. Training in the safe use of antibiotics

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