Tractor Supply launches fundraising Growth Grants, which support the FFA

For FFA members, receiving support from their community is a major reason for success. To continue this success, Tractor Supply Company is launching its seventh annual Grants for Growing fundraiser. This event, which is scheduled during FFA National Week, February 19-26, supports the chapters of the FFA National Organization (FFA) at the national level. The fundraiser supports hundreds of unique and sustainable agricultural projects implemented by FFA students across the country.

Grants for Growing is a competitive grant program for high school and high school FFA chapters that develops and enhances project-based learning opportunities or experience for students. Chapters can apply for a grant of up to $ 5,000. Tractor Supply customers can help fund these grants by purchasing a paper badge in the store, on Tractor Supply website, or through the Tractor Supply app with purchase. Each grant will fund projects in the same state in which the funds were donated.

“It has been so exciting to witness the success of Grants for Growing over the years. Our clients and team members have helped us raise nearly $ 5 million since the program was launched, and we are pleased to know that its year-over-year growth continues to have a positive impact on students across the country, ”said Christi Korzekwa. , senior vice president of Tractor Supply. , Chief Marketing Officer. “At Tractor Supply, we believe that investing in the younger generation is essential to ensuring a brighter future for everyone. These students are using their grants to benefit their larger communities and want to continue to increase that impact. ”

Tractor Supply launched Growth Grants in 2016 to support the future agricultural leaders of our nation. Since its inception, the program has affected nearly 163,685 students and awarded 1,573 grants. In 2021, the program raised $ 790,269, funding agricultural projects for 151 chapters across the country.

Later this spring, FFA chapters will submit applications with detailed proposals outlining how the chapter will start, maintain or expand a project that will benefit their local communities, as well as current and future FFA students. In recent years, requests have been made for the purchase of vegetation, trees, seeds, chickens, fodder, mulch and tools for projects, from animal shelters, beekeeping and aquaculture laboratories.

The registration period will take place between March 1 and May 14, and the winners will be announced on August 1. Visit Grants for Growing website for more information and to apply.

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