Top 10 Things You Can Do in Portland, Oregon

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Thanks to Portland’s unofficial slogans it has long been “to keep Portland awesome”. the bright, unusual energy of the city. This energy culminates in a wide range of unique, quaint attractions spread across the city – here are 10 to consider next time you’re in the area!

Top 10 Things You Can Do in Portland, Oregon

1. Travel to the witch’s castle

If you play around a bit, think of Witch Castle. The stone ruins were once used as a ranger station and toilets, but today sit empty and clad in vines. This is both an interesting place to visit and a great opportunity for photos. To get to the witch’s castle, you want to go to the forest park (only about a 5 minute drive from downtown Portland) and walk half a mile along the trail from the Upper McLean parking lot to the old structure.

Travel to the witch's castle

2. Enjoy a treat from Voodoo Donut

One from Portland The most delicious attraction is Voodoo Donuts. When you visit the city, you will want to grab delicious treats in this classic donut shop. An additional particularly surprising fact is that Voodoo Donuts also holds wedding ceremonies (both legal and illegal) in their places.

A treat from Voodoo Donut

3. Stay at FreakyButTrue Peculiarium

If you are a fan of the weird and painful, check out this one-of-a-kind art gallery in downtown Portland. Several notable exhibits include life-size statues of monsters and a sculpture of a three-eyed dog. The gallery also has a gift shop with a collection of funny souvenirs that you can take home.

Feak FreakyButTrue

4. See Trolls Under the Bridge

This is an old railway bridge hidden under it is a colorful and cheerful surprise – a collection of trolls! The exact reason why people started putting trolls under this bridge is unknown, but one urban legend suggests that the tradition of entertaining their children was started by moms. People are now visiting to see troll dolls as well as leave their trolls. Due to the public, organic nature of this place, it may mean that the number of trolls you see varies – especially since they are unfortunately stolen from time to time.

Troll Bridge

5. Explore the submarine

Not every day you have the opportunity to get into a real historic Navy submarine, but the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) offers the opportunity to do just that. After the closure period due to the pandemic you can again visit USS Blueback by purchasing scheduled tickets available online.

USS Blueback

6. Visit the Bison Coffee House

This is a local coffee shop showcases the rich history of the Indians of the country where Portland is located, making it a great option not only to enjoy a cup of delicious coffee but also to support local businesses.

Bison Cafe

7. Have a drink at Creepy’s

Tired of just having a drink at a regular bar in the evening? Visit to Creepy’s will surely beautify things. This eclectic bar – which does its best to assure us, mockingly, that it is “not a clown bar” – features a variety of amazing decors. The decor, as you may have guessed, does include some clowns as well as creepy portraits and vintage stuffed animals.

Have a drink at Creepy's

8. Turn on your gamer At Ground Kontrol

Find your inner child in this arcade and bar. Ground Kontrol functions some classic games like Astroid as well as modern games like The Walking Dead. While it will undoubtedly be a lot of fun for families with children, the on-site bar and casual atmosphere mean that adults will also enjoy the trip here.

Ground control

9. Stay at the McMenamins Crystal Hotel

If you figure out where to stay while visiting Portland, you won’t find a more unique and memorable option than the McMenamins Crystal Hotel. This historic hotel is in the heart of Portland. With eclectic décor and music-themed rooms, you can also visit one of the hotel’s many bars.

McMenamin’s Crystal Hotel

10. Visit the International Rose Garden

In this extensive garden of more than 10,000 rose bushes of more than 650 varieties, making it a truly memorable way to spend the day. This is a great place to enjoy a few more relaxing hours – take the time to literally stop and sniff the roses while walking in the garden.

Test Garden of Roses

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