Top 10 Things in Austin, Texas

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This city is in Texas there is no shortage of cases. From eccentric museums to circus bars, this article discusses 10 memorable, fun and unobtrusive options for your next visit to Austin.

10 quirky things in Austin, Texas

1. Museum of the Amazing

This is an eccentric museum does not display classical art or historical figures, but instead all kinds of non-standard exhibits such as bigfoot sculptures and wrinkled heads. There is also a gift shop that offers the same amazing souvenirs after you finish the museum tour.

Museum of the Amazing

2. Blazer Tag Adventure Center

This arena for laser tag will catch your attention even before you go inside with a giant UFO-style facade. However, the fun doesn’t stop once you enter. You can visit the arcade, explore the rope course and, of course, join the friendly game of laser tag in the wide arena. If you are not going to a big party or are looking for a private laser tag game, you also won’t need to make a reservation in advance.


3. Mayfield Park

Head to this beautiful park to feel as if you are in a hidden oasis. Mayfield Park is a nature reserve in Austin, where there are several refreshing hiking trails as well as many peacocks.

Mayfield Park

4. Toy Joy

Own toy stores are becoming increasingly rare, but this colorful store in Austin is stuck when you’re traveling with kids, really love watching toy joy. This bright, cheerful toy store is a child’s dream come true. The store offers a huge selection of unique toys, and is now open to the public.

5. Barkin Springs

Located near downtown Austin, Barkin Springs is the name of a section of the river that is a popular place for swimming and recreation. It is downstream from the more widely known Barton Springs. Barkin Springs is named for its dog-friendly environment, making it a great alternative to Barton Springs when you’re traveling with pets.

6. City axes

Looking for an unforgettable and unique experience? Why not try your hand at ax throwing. Although this activity can evoke images of medieval knights or strongmen, throwing an ax can be an interesting activity for anyone! City axes are a landmark in Austin, dedicated to ax throwing and welcoming visits (as well as pre-booked groups or events), no previous experience is required.

City axes

7. Carousel Lounge

Enjoy a drink and be remembered in the Carousel Lounge. This entertaining circus living room regularly hosts live entertainment. It’s probably best classified as a “customized” bar – they can buy wine and beer, but you can also bring your own alcohol and buy mixers.

Carousel Lounge

8. Ghostly ATX

Are you a fan of ghost stories? Or do you just enjoy learning more about the history and folklore of the place? Here’s a weird option in Austin that’s a little more painful than some others on this list – go on a haunted tour. ATX Haunted offers your traditional haunted tour – you will stop at various haunted places and learn all about the ghosts that are said to be hiding there. They also offer an extra awful twist – opportunity to travel in a hearse limousine on tour.

Ghostly ATX

9. Curia House of Curia Arcanum

Curia House of Curia Arcanum is a gift shop in Austin that offers original items such as antique books on salon games or decks of tarot cards. It is located in a modest shopping mall, but do not let the ordinary outside to deceive you – jump inside to meet him with a variety of strange and supposedly mystical objects. Even if you end up not finding anything you want to take home, it’s still fun to look around.

10. Wonderful spaces

Wonderspaces is an interactive art gallery with 14 exhibits. This is an absolutely amazing place to go for both the experience itself and for the opportunity to take some exciting photos. Admission tickets are currently required, but once you enter you can stay as long as you like. Tickets can be purchased online or in person. It is recommended to purchase tickets in advance, especially if you visit during busy times, such as weekends.

Wonderful spaces

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