This country is now the easiest to visit in Southeast Asia

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After about two years of closure for tourism – due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic – the Philippines is now the easiest country in Southeast Asia for tourists. With such as Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia taking steps to reduce travel requirements for visitors, the Philippines will hope that their minimum requirements for travelers will be some incentive for those looking to travel to the region.

Scuba diving in the Philippines

What are the current travel requirements of the Philippines?

On February 10, 2022, the Philippines began welcoming guests to its sun-drenched shores – those entering the country had to do very little to enter. In fact, the requirements for fully vaccinated travelers are so minimal – and that’s all it takes to visit this beautiful country.

Here are the current travel requirements in a little more detail.

Manila International Airport, Philippines
  • Visitors from 150 countries – including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand – can enter without a visa.
  • Fully vaccinated visitors do NOT need to be quarantined.
  • Visitors must take the PCR test for COVID-19 no later than 48 hours before departure – and show a negative result on arrival.
  • Upon arrival, you are NOT required to take another COVID test, however visitors must observe on their own for 7 days.

Can non-vaccinated people also visit the Philippines?

Yes, they can. However, requirements for those who have not been fully vaccinated, including on arrival:

  • Quarantine at a government office upon arrival in the country.
  • Perform a PCR test on COVID-19 on day 5 of arrival.
  • Self-quarantine for another 14 days after leaving the state quarantine facility.
PCR test on Covid

However, it is important to note that the above requirements do not apply to persons under 18 years of age.

What do these requirements mean for the Philippines tourism industry?

Well, it will definitely be “music to the ears” for those who depend on tourists coming to the country – with the Philippines received more than 8 million foreign tourists in the period before the pandemic (2019).

Island tour, Philippines

And because the Omicron outbreak has disrupted the Philippines ’original recovery plans – earlier this year – the country’s tourism industry will hope for a healthy increase in the number of visitors entering the country.

Manilla, Philippines

What about other countries and their travel restrictions?

As recently reported – there are a number of nations that exist are beginning to soften their entry requirements for tourists. However, none of these countries are as relaxed as the Philippines – each still has additional requirements for travelers.

Thailand – visitors can enter through Test and Go program.however, it is still necessary to book two nights (day 1 and day 5) in the SHA ++ living room – and pass two PCR tests for COVID-19 on day 1 and day 5.

Maya Bay in Thailand, Koh Phi Phi

Vietnam – with a plan It will be open to tourists from March 15Visitors will likely be required to be quarantined for one day upon arrival and to undergo a PCR test on COVID-19 before departure and on arrival.

Malaysia – although the country has not yet confirmed its recovery, Malaysia wants to start welcoming tourists early March. Reports indicate that visitors will NOT need to be quarantined, however they will need to be screened for COVID-19 before departure and on arrival.

Temple of a Woman in Bali

Indonesia – although it is NOT seeking to lift quarantine requirements for visitors, Indonesia hopes that by April, those who want to visit the world-famous tourist destination of Bali will be able to do so without quarantine.

The above will undoubtedly be exciting news for travelers who again want to head to the Far East to enjoy all that the exciting region of Southeast Asia has to offer.

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