These 4 countries of Southeast Asia relax tourists

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Four of Southeast Asia’s most popular tourist destinations – Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam – have begun easing entry requirements for tourists. And the news will definitely come as “music to the ears” of those who want to enjoy the beautiful nature, beautiful white sandy beaches, delicious food and much more that these four sun-blessed countries have to offer.

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Let’s take a closer look at what is currently required for tourists to be able to visit these exciting countries.


After many previous reports of the restoration of the border – which should have taken place since the beginning of the year (2022) – Malaysia finally seems ready to welcome tourists in just a few weeks (early March). It is reported that from March 1, the country will allow those who want to visit the country for tourism purposes, without the need for quarantine.

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Instead, visitors will need to be screened for COVID-19, with testing required both before entering and upon arrival in Malaysia. Country – which has one of the world’s highest vaccine consumers – will hope that the news of the restoration of borders for travelers will again lead to the fact that the tourism industry will prosper again – more than 26 million people visited the country in the pre-pandemic period (2019).

Church of Malacca in Malaysia


Known for some of the most stunning beaches – and a huge number of beautiful islands – the Philippines has begun to allow visitors to come back to the country to enjoy all that this amazing country has to offer. Being closed for tourism purposes – like most Southeast Asian countries – for about two years, those from 150 countries can enter even without a visa.

Chocolate Hills in Bohol

The new entry requirements, which took effect on February 10, require travelers vaccinated or not to take a PCR test no more than 48 hours before departure. Moreover, for those who have completed full vaccination, there is no need for quarantine, and self-monitoring is required within the next 7 days after arrival in the country.

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Brag the most visited capital of the world – Bangkok – Thailand has already started to allow tourists into the country without the need for quarantine. Instead, travelers can enter the country through the “try and go” program, which originally began back in November last year (2021), but was quickly halted due to the growing number of COVID-19 cases in the country. Visitors must take PCR tests for COVID-19 on days 1 and 5 upon arrival.

Tourists in Khaosan Road, Bangkok

Anyone who wants to get to Thailand – a country that offers so many visitors with its diversity of breathtaking beauty, beaches, islands and cities full of culture – will need to apply for what is called “Thai Pass” before you can enter . If Thailand is at the top of your travel list – and you’re curious to find out exactly what it takes to be able to once again enjoy the wide variety of attractions the nation has to offer – you can check out our simple guide to the Thai “test and go” program.

Survanabhumi Airport, Bangkok


As one of the most challenging countries to enter the world – even for its citizens – during the COVID-19 pandemic, Vietnam is looking to welcome tourists in about a month.
With a nation that has resumed the full schedule of international flights just a few days ago (February 15) Vietnam sought to follow in the footsteps of such as Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand by easing entry requirements.

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The country’s Ministry of Tourism invited travelers to undergo a one-day quarantine, as well as show evidence of a negative PCR test on COVID-19 before entering the country. Visitors will also be required to take another PCR test on COVID-19 upon arrival.

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