These 3 Caribbean islands have just lifted a few travel restrictions

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Three islands in the Caribbean, popular with both cruisers and travelers, have just lifted a few restrictions, making it easier and more attractive to foreign travelers. Aruba, Grenada and the Cayman Islands are the countries in question, and by removing the restrictions, they are joining a rapidly expanding list of countries that have recently facilitated entry, which could potentially lead to a tourism boom in the region in the next few weeks.

While they may not have gone as far as their Caribbean neighbor Dominican Republic, which recently lifted all restrictions related to Covid-19, the steps taken by Aruba, Grenada and the Cayman Islands are a step in the right direction for travelers, and could pave the way for the complete lifting of restrictions in the near future. Here’s a closer look at what exactly is changing in each of these countries.

Aruba softens restrictions – information for travelers

Just a few weeks ago the tropical island of Aruba did it a lot travelers find it easier to enter if they made it possible for travelers to visit only with a negative result of a rapid antigen test – or, in the case of those who have made a regular vaccine, without checking the requirements at all. However, this week the country went even further by lifting several local Covid-19 restrictions.

The island has removed several restrictions it has imposed on businesses in the midst of a pandemic, allowing businesses and restaurants to return to normal operations, as well as reducing capacity and closure time limits. In addition, masks are no longer mandatory in enclosed public places (other than the airport), but are “encouraged” – allowing travelers to exercise their discretion. Such changes are a long-awaited step towards normalcy on the island, and may be enough to draw travelers back in greater numbers.

Requirements for the ease of Grenada – what travelers should know

Earlier, to enter Grenada, travelers had to make sure they had a negative PCR test taken no more than 3 days before arriving in the country. However, recent updates to the Grenada government have changed this requirement, making travel to the beautiful country much easier for travelers and, above all, much more attractive.

From now on, travelers can choosepass a rapid antigen test, also known as the antigen test, instead of the PCR test. Travelers who choose this option should make sure that the date of collection was within 1 day of their arrival in Grenada – while this is a tougher window than for PCR tests, the availability, affordability and speed of rapid antigen tests be sure to make it preferred. a choice for many travelers.

Turquoise Sea and yachts anchored on Sandy Beach, near the island of Cariaca, Grenada, Caribbean

Changes to restrictions in the Cayman Islands – information for travelers

The Cayman Islands used to have particularly stringent requirements upon arrival of travelers. Travelers were required to take side-flow tests at 2, 5 and 7 days after arriving on the island, while at one point unvaccinated travelers were required to remain in quarantine for up to 14 days after landing on the island. Fortunately, both of these requirements were updated this week.

As a result of the update, the requirements for post-arrival testing for vaccinated travelers have now been removed – meaning they no longer pass the tests for 2, 5 and 7 days after arrival. In addition, the quarantine period for partially vaccinated, vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers who are not safely inspected has been reduced to seven days. Both changes should make the Cayman Islands a much more attractive destination for travelers over the next few months.

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