The utility is committed to protecting against cybersecurity threats


APPA: The power industry is committed to protecting against cybersecurity threats

Recent cyberattacks on JBS and the Colonial Pipeline have highlighted vulnerabilities in the US power grid.

Joy Ditto, President and CEO of the American Public Power Association, states that the power industry is working hard to maintain a strong power grid.

“The electrical sector is subject to enforceable federal standards for cybersecurity in wholesale electrical systems, which we call bulk electrical systems,” she says.

She says Brownfield standards are obligatory and enforceable for years, but more must be done.

“We know that this risk needs to continue to evolve, manage and mitigate over time,” she says. “We work together with state partners as well as other industry and government partners to assess threats, share information, and address this evolving cybersecurity threat and risk. We are evolving our response. ”

Ditto says the American Public Power Association has worked with the Ministry of Energy to help members of public utilities improve their cybersecurity efforts.

“It was possible through several funding opportunities. I am grateful for this as it helps to focus on some of the details of how to mitigate this risk over time,” she said. Says. “As far as we know, cyberattacks in the United States haven’t gone out so far, but we’re working very hard to work with other companies in the industry to maintain their track record.”

APPA states that utilities have developed emergency response plans, risk management programs and defense-in-depth technologies for both cyber and physical threats.

Audio: Joy Ditto, APPA The utility is committed to protecting against cybersecurity threats

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