The USDA is allocating $ 1 billion to climate-friendly agriculture

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is funding a controversial $ 1 billion program that will test and test the benefits of climate-friendly agricultural practices. Announced on February 7 by the US Department of Agriculture A partnership for climate-friendly goods will support pilot projects on farms and forests that implement conservation practices such as uncultivated farming and cover crops. The purpose of the projects is to measure whether such practices lead to increase in carbon in the soil and reducing methane and carbon emissions. The money will come from a commodity credit corporation, a government organization that provides safety nets for farm incomes. Republicans in the House of Representatives condemn the USDA’s decision to use the money for a new program without congressional approval. At a February 8 meeting of the subcommittee, Glenn GT Thompson, chief Republican on the House Agriculture Committee, warned U.S. Department of Agriculture climate officer Robert Bonnie that the committee would closely monitor the program and its funding, implementation, and operation. . The USDA is allocating $ 1 billion to climate-friendly agriculture

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