The US F-22 Raptors are deployed at Al-Dafra Air Base in the UAE

US F-22 Raptors arrive at Al Dafra Air Force Base, UAE, February 12, 2022

A contingent of the 27th F-22 Raptors Fighter Squadron and pilots assigned to the 1st Fighter Wing, the Langley-Justis Joint Base, recently deployed at Al-Dafra Air Base, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Under the leadership of Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III, “The mission will be to assist the UAE, one of the United States’ longtime strategic partners, amid a series of recent attacks.”

As the main wing, the 633rd ABW provides the installation of the 1st FW and 192nd wing, and together they provide aviation and expeditionary pilots around the world.

With a mission that can deliver them anywhere in the world at any time, JBLE pilots maximize readiness throughout the year through training that replicates real-world scenarios. This mentality and “muscular memory” provide combat readiness.

“We were given a wonderful weapon system,” said Colonel William Creeden, commander of the 1st FW. “But it is the training, focus and discipline of our pilots that make them the most capable.”

Among this team of disciplined individuals are 192nd Wing pilots who provide combat-ready personnel and equipment to support United States national security goals in mobilization.

The US F-22 Raptors are deployed at Al-Dafra Air Base in the UAE

Creeden believes that the pilots and their willingness to think allowed the wing to overcome the problems of the movement of great forces.

This includes the 633rd Medical Team, which, despite the current problems with the COVID-19 pandemic, was able to ensure that all pilots met international testing requirements, included a demanding test protocol and received permission to deploy.

As the only combat wing of the F-22 Air Combat Command, the 1st FW remains in a position to achieve its goal of superiority in the air, with the mindset of “adapt and win”.

“Raptor is the most dominant air-to-air fighter in the world.” said Creeden. “However, its most important advantage belongs exclusively to pilots who fly, correct, arm, support and allow it.”

The last deployment of Raptor in the area of ​​responsibility of USCENTCOM took place from June 2019 to February 2020. The US F-22 Raptors are deployed at Al-Dafra Air Base in the UAE

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