The US Army has awarded a contract for AeroVironment missile systems

US Army Tactical Aviation and Ground Munitions awarded AeroVironment has been awarded a $20.6 million contract to supply Switchblade 300 tactical missile systems (TMS).

Work under the agreement will be managed by the US Army Redstone Arsenal Contracting Command, and delivery of the TMS is scheduled for July 2023.

“Used by the U.S. Army for more than a decade, the Switchblade 300 remains a critical force protection and soldier lethality solution for our customers, including Ukraine,” said AeroVironment Vice President and CEO of TMS. Brett Hush said.

“It bridges the gap between observation and action, giving Soldiers the ability to identify threats and engage enemy targets beyond line of sight from greater distances with minimal collateral damage.”

Switchblade 300

AeroVironment Company Switchblade 300 it is a flying missile that can be carried in a backpack and easily deployed from ground platforms.

The missile has a multipack launcher that gives operators an advantage in protecting rapid reaction forces. It can be set up to run in less than two minutes.

The Switchblade 300 is integrated with sensor-to-shooter technology that combines the capabilities of AeroVironment’s small drones with the battle-proven accuracy of the Switchblade.

The weapon can be launched a distance of up to six miles (10 kilometers) and a height of 500 feet (152 meters). It has a speed of 63 to 100 miles per hour (101 to 161 kilometers per hour).

It achieves lethality, accuracy and low side effects with the help of real-time GPS coordinates and live video from a dual front and side electro-optical/infrared stabilized pan-and-tilt camera.

The Switchblade 300 is compatible with the AeroVironment Raven, Puma AE and Wasp AE common drone ground controllers.

AeroVironment’s previous military contracts with the US

Earlier this month AeroVironment secured $8.5 million contract from the US Department of Defense deliver Puma 3 AE drones to an allied country.

In July, the US Army awarded AeroVironment is a contract modification for additional Puma drones.

Company later received in September, a $20.86 million contract was awarded to supply a separate batch of waterproof drones to two undisclosed countries. The US Army has awarded a contract for AeroVironment missile systems

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