The UK is deploying HMS Trent and HMS Diamond in the Eastern Mediterranean

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace announced deployment of HMS Trent and HMS Diamond ships in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The deployment is part of the country’s contribution to strengthening NATO’s defense on land, at sea and in the air and is in response to ongoing tensions between Ukraine and Russia.

Marine River Patrol Vessel Party 2 (OPV), HMS Trent has already begun monitoring alongside NATO Allied courts such as Canada, Italy, Spain and Turkey.

He will also participate in exercises to maintain readiness.

This is the first time this year that OPV has joined the second of NATO’s two permanent naval forces, Maritime Group 2, which operates throughout the Mediterranean region.

Italian flagship ITS Margottini, Spanish Blas de Lezo and Turkish TCG Goksu are also in Group 2.

HMS Trent Officer Commander Tom Knott said: “The Trent Ship is pleased to join NATO’s Permanent Naval Group 2 in the Eastern Mediterranean.

“The Navy is the first line of defense that responds very quickly, and as a ship of constant deployment, we are proud of our ability to deploy quickly and reach remote locations.

“Through this ongoing challenge, we are ensuring the freedom of the sea and demonstrating freedom of navigation 2,000 miles from the United Kingdom. Swimming in the NATO Task Force is a clear demonstration of our resilience and strength as an alliance. “

Meanwhile, a 45-type air defense destroyer or Daring HMS Diamond class will soon head to the eastern Mediterranean.

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