The UK has unveiled a strategy to protect against artificial intelligence

The UK Ministry of Defense has open its first-ever protection strategy with artificial intelligence (AI), which incorporates new approaches to technology collaboration with the private sector.

Minister of Defense Procurement of the United Kingdom Jeremy Quinn said AI is the “most transformative” area of ​​new technology with the potential to change a future war.

He stressed that AI is a “strategic national resource” as important as coal for industry.

The new strategy for protection against artificial intelligence emphasizes three “pillars” – ambition, innovation and responsibility.

Quinn explained that the UK will ensure the use of AI capabilities in all areas of the Department of Defense.

As part of the strategy, the ministry ensures that every defense official has a strategic understanding of AI and cutting-edge technology.

He will also hire a new head of artificial intelligence and provide more career opportunities in artificial intelligence for talent incubation.

“We will have soldiers on the front line who will be guarded by control devices that analyze footage from hundreds of drones in real time,” Quinn said. “We will have autonomous replenishment systems that will deliver the kit more efficiently without exposing people to danger.”

British soldiers and artificial intelligence experts are discussing artificial intelligence for military operations. Photo: Captain Jordan Kemp The UK has unveiled a strategy to protect against artificial intelligence

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