The UK and Japan are starting work on a 6th generation jet radar

The UK and Japan will work together on a joint venture a sensor research project that combines their radar programs for sixth-generation fighters.

The statement said the project aims to develop “Universal Radio Frequency Sensor Technology ”, known as“ JAGUAR ”.

«The development, creation and evaluation of the JAGUAR system will take about five years involving Leonard UK and Japanese industry. The project will include two demonstration demonstrations, one in each country, with joint work and training to maximize national expertise, ”the statement said.

JAGUAR described as capable of detecting threats in the air, on land and at sea, as well as locating targets, avoiding detection by enemy surveillance systems.

Additional details remain unknown; thus, it is unclear whether the new radar will be based on Active Electronic Scanning Technology (AESA), which is currently used in fifth-generation fighters.

Work on the project is set to begin in April 2022 and create 75 new jobs across the UK.

The UK and Japan are working on their sixth generation fighters: Tempest (developed jointly with Italy and Sweden) and FX (developed by a conglomerate of companies led by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries).

In December 2021, the two countries agreed to jointly develop a demonstration of aircraft engines.

https://www.aerotime.aero/authors/valius.venckunas/30264-project-jaguar-uk-japan-to-start-work-on-6th-gen-jet-radar The UK and Japan are starting work on a 6th generation jet radar

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