The Thai Ministry of Tourism is proposing more relaxing entry requirements

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Thailand’s tourism ministry intends to suggest the country ease some entry restrictions at a meeting with the country’s Covid-19 committee this week. Southeast Asian country, where before the pandemic was the world’s most visited city, Bangkok, is struggling to attract travelers to its shores in the same numbers as before, and hopes that changing entry requirements will rectify the situation.

This week the country’s sick tourism sector has spoken out in support of such changes, in particular nearby hotspots of travelers such as Vietnam and the Philippines are also easing their restrictions in the coming weeks. Here’s a look at the changes the tourism ministry plans to discuss.

Restrictions change? What travelers need to know

The popular in Thailand method of entering the country Test and Go returned earlier this month, which was previously canceled for fear that the Omicron option would lead to more cases in the kingdom. However, when the scheme returned, it did so with a few additional rules, which meant that entering the country was not as easy as in the previous iteration – to the great annoyance of travelers around the world.

The updated rules stated that travelers would need to not only be tested on the day of arrival, but also book themselves at the hotel to be tested on Covid-19 again on the fifth day – unable to leave until 10 a negative test result was returned. This requirement for fifth-day testing has earned much criticism not only from travelers but also from the travel industry – although it may soon appear.

Minister of Tourism and Sports of Thailand Fifat Ratchakitprokarn said on Friday his Ministry and the Office of Tourism of Thailand (TAT) will suggest that this requirement be removed and replaced with an antigen test. This is not only faster and more convenient for travelers, but also saves a lot of money – PCR tests in many institutions in Thailand cost more than $ 100.

The minister said he would make a proposal this week, Feb. 23, during a meeting with Thailand’s Covid-19 committee. He is not the only person in favor of easing the restrictions, and the collection of tourism operators in the country has written an open letter to the Prime Minister of Thailand asking to declare Covid-19 endemic and impose all restrictions in the country. to be raised.

“Thailand needs to further ease the restrictions on Covid-19 for tourists, otherwise it may lose the opportunity to compete with other countries,” the letter said. saidbefore adding that the country risked losing the influx of travelers in April this year, a month that attracts more foreign travelers due to the Easter holidays and Songkran celebrations in Thailand.

For travelers looking to visit Thailand, this can be an exciting week if the government follows the example of its local neighbors and facilitates entry. Regardless of the meeting with the Covid-19 committee, travelers may not visit Bangkok more anyway – since the Thai government is in talks to officially change the name of its capital to Krung Tap Maha Nakhon, which means “City of Angels”.

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