The Super Bowl brings Super Bounty FBOs to Los Angeles

While Los Angeles was celebrating victory in the Reims hometown Super Cup, local FBOs in the area, who also hosted the Feb. 13 game at SoFi Stadium, also had reason to cheer as private aviation flights returned to normal after Covid was detained. last year’s results.

Without limiting the stadium’s capacity for this year’s game, it has attracted more than 1,400 business aviation flights to the area’s airports in previous days, according to FlightAware, which was Super Bowl flight activity tracking for many years. That’s more than double last year’s result, but still less than 1,600 flights to Miami for the Super Bowl LVI in 2020, before Covid firmly established itself in the United States

Industry data provider WingX noted that last Friday, arrivals at the region’s airports reached 501 flights, and on Monday replaced the game with 548 business trips, which is 65 percent more than normal activities in the area.

Informal survey of local FBOs from AIN found that Signature Flight Support had more than 600 aircraft on the ground on Game Day among five locations in Southern California (KLAX, KVNY, KLGB, KSAN and KPSP), while Atlantic Aviation estimates more than 300 arrivals related to game, on the eve of the game on their KLAX, KSMO and KBUR FBO and pumped more than 150,000 gallons of fuel.

Million Air Burbank said it had taken 170 planes, 45 planes on a ramp during the game, and pumped 134,000 gallons of jet fuel, including nearly 10,000 gallons of environmentally friendly aviation fuel, the week before. Meanwhile, KVNM Castle & Cooke had about 70 aircraft a week. Ross Aviation in Long Beach reported that 75 aircraft were parked on the ramp on the day of the game, while ACI Jet at Orange County-John Wayne Airport increased by about 40 aircraft per day during the Pre-Permit Period (PPR). compared to typical traffic. .

While most FBOs praised the PPR system and other processes established to facilitate traffic flow, some noted that the level of traffic was slightly lower than they expected. One opportunity is to play in Rams ’hometown, which may have nullified most of the travel needs for its fan base.

https://www.ainonline.com/aviation-news/business-aviation/2022-02-18/super-bowl-brings-super-bounty-la-area-fbos The Super Bowl brings Super Bounty FBOs to Los Angeles

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