The story of the red A320 JetBlue

New York operator JetBlue’s standard livery is simple but functional. Easily recognizable both in the U.S. and abroad, this white-and-blue paint adorns most airline aircraft. However, did you know that JetBlue also has an Airbus A320, completely painted red? Let’s look at this livery and why it exists.

Honoring firefighters

As seen above, JetBlue has a red color A320 stunningly different in its aesthetics from the rest of the airline’s fleet. So why did JetBlue choose such an extraordinary livery? As you can see from the logo on the tail of the plane, it actually functions as a demonstration of support for the New York City Fire Department (FDNY).

New York City is the hometown of JetBlue, and some of its special livers have connections to local agencies. In the case of this red paint scheme known as ‘Blue Braest’, JetBlue’s website notes that the airline “proud to show our support for the FDNY Foundation with its brilliant red livery decorated with the FDNY Shield“According to USA Todaythen-JetBlue CEO Dave Barger added:

“We are the airline of New York’s hometown; we not only work here, we also live here. Every day we see the hard work of firefighters, paramedics and paramedics helping to keep our city safe. We appreciate their dedication. and are excited to support the heroes of our hometown in a very JetBlue way. ”


The bright red livery of the plane is recognizable even from afar. Photo: Getty Images

The plane in question

So can an airplane carry this special livery? This honor belongs to the N615JB, the Airbus A320-200, which, according to ch-aviation.comwas with JetBlue for his entire career. He joined the airline in June 2005, initially dressed in a standard livery.

Data from Planespotters.net shows that she did not receive the Blue Bravest paint scheme until October 2013. This means that at the time of writing, he has spent about half of his life with this livery and half without it. Originally tuned for 162 seats, the N615JB also had a layout for 156 and 150 seats.

Since February 2020, the aircraft has again received a configuration at 162 seats. It has 120 standard economy class seats as well as 42 seats with extra legroom for “even more space”. It remains busy, gaining 63,854 flight hours in 22,605 cycles as of October 2021. According to from FlightRadar24.comthe last flight N615JB flew from Atlanta to Newark last night.


Other special livery

As it happens, the N615JB is not the only JetBlue aircraft to carry a disposable commemorative livery. Indeed, the airline also used unique painting schemes to pay tribute to other employees at the forefront, such as the New York Police Department. In addition, the lifetime JetBlue “Veterans In Blue” honors the memory military.

The airline also supports sports teams with special livers, both in New York and abroad. Featured franchises include Boston Bruins (hockey), Boston Celtics (basketball), Boston Red Sox (baseball), Brooklyn Nets (basketball) and New York Jets (American football).

What do you do with red paint N615JB? Have you ever seen or even flown on this plane? Let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comments!

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