The report estimates that the MRO requirement will return to pre-pandemic levels by 2024

According to Oliver Wyman, the MRO sector is “redefined” as airlines begin to supply new, high-performance narrow-body aircraft. Forecast of the World Navy and MRO for 2022-2032.

The latest report on commercial aircraft supplies and inventories forecasts that demand for maintenance will reach $ 118 billion by 2030, 13 percent lower than the $ 135 billion forecast that was the previous COVID-19.

Demand for MRO is expected to recover to COVID-19 by 2024, but annual growth in the second half of the report’s 10-year forecast period will be 2.8%.

“There is optimism that the industry has turned a corner and is now moving on an upward trajectory, but the next 10 years will be filled with many challenges that will test the sustainability of the industry unlike ever before,” said Brian Prentiss, partner with Oliver Wyman.

“How incredibly bad COVID-19 was for aviation is the challenge of the next decade [carbon dioxide emissions] can be almost as destructive. Industries need smart strategies to get in the best position by the 2030s. ”

Other key findings from the report include:

  • It is planned that the world fleet will grow to 38,100 aircraft by 2032 – a combined growth rate of 4.1% over the decade.
  • Narrow-body aircraft will account for a larger share of the fleet – 64% in January 2032 versus 58% in January 2020 – as the slow resumption of international traffic after COVID-19 reduces the number of wide-body aircraft in operation.
  • The fleet will not reach its peak before a pandemic of nearly 28,000 people by the first half of 2023
  • The global special cargo fleet grew by 3%, and the conversion of passenger aircraft into cargo carriers broke records due to double-digit growth in demand due to the explosion in online stores associated with COVID and loss of capacity.

https://www.aviationbusinessnews.com/mro/mro-demand-to-recover-to-pre-pandemic-levels-by-2024-according-to-global-fleet-mro-market-forecast/ The report estimates that the MRO requirement will return to pre-pandemic levels by 2024

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