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You may want to run a factory or vertical farm or support such operations financially or technologically. Even if you don’t, keep reading.

Factory management requires science-based knowledge, as well as practical operational methods and good business management. Japan Plant Factory Association has a future online training course so you can learn such subjects.

The JPFA 2022 The online training course on artificial lighting plant factories (PFAL) which will be available between February 25 and March 15 will provide you with the absolutely necessary knowledge for those interested in PFAL.

The course covers issues that people in the plant industry should fully clarify. Its unique content allows participants to learn what is needed not only before but also after building the PFAL.

Question and answer session on 10 March

In addition, the course will prepare experts to answer your questions. Participants will be invited to join a live Q&A session scheduled for March 10, which is open to academia and PFAL operators.

Anytime anywhere

The course will take place on the Swapcard platform and will allow participants to learn at any time, at their convention and anywhere in the world during the course period and to connect with each other.

Leading lecturers include Toyoki Kozai, Professor Emeritus and former President of Chiba University, who recently launched a new co-published book about factory factories and Chieri Kubota, a professor at Ohio State University.

The JPFA receive applications now. Check it out Here and apply now. If you have any questions about the course, please email us at

Nozomi Hiramatsu / Koji Hori
International Relations and Consulting
Japan Plant Factory Association (JPFA)

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Japanese Plant Factory Association
Japanese Plant Factory Association
Japan Plant Factory Association, a non-profit organization founded in 2010, is
dedicated to promoting the plant manufacturing industry and the controlled environment
agriculture in Japan and abroad through collaborations between academia and industry.

Its mission is to develop and disseminate sustainable plant factory systems in an attempt to
addresses issues related to food, environment, energy and natural resources.

How to become a JPFA member

Apply for JPFA membership here. For more information, visit the JPFA website or email
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