The parachute pops up in Nordstrom

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  • Celebrating its first home partnership in a series of pop-ups, Nordstrom on Friday announced that Parachute is the last to join it [email protected] concept.
  • Parachute will bring items such as bedding, bathrobes, pillows, leisure clothing, towels, rugs and blankets, to Nordstrom’s website and to its nine stores, according to a press release sent via email to Retail Dive.
  • The pop-up store will also feature other brands to complement Parachute’s offering, including Courant, Hario Coffee and Penguin Random House.

Diving Insight:

Nordstrom has moved into the home category for the last part of its pop-up concept.

[email protected] launched in 2013 led by Olivia Kim, who joined the retailer from the opening ceremony to run the creative projects business. The concept brought a rotating list of brands to place pop-ups in the department store. Brands such as Warby Parker, Goop and Casper have been included in the series.

On the Parachute side, a pop-up window helps to further expand its physical presence. The DTC home brand has just under 20 individual stores, but the partnership with Nordstrom gives it a relatively low risk of entering new markets and attracting a variety of customers. The pop-up will be presented in nine Nordstrom stores, including two in Canada, where Parachute currently has no stores.

Provided by Parachute

“We are excited to bring the world of Parachute to Nordstrom and introduce our customers to their cozy home essentials,” – KimNordstrom Vice President for Creative Projects and Home, the statement said. “Our goal is to help our customers look good and feel their best, including in their homes – we like that the brand is based on comfort as well as style and design. We are excited to liven up this experience in stores and online, giving our customers the opportunity to transform their most personal and favorite spaces with some of our favorite Parachute items ”.

And while the partnership allows Nordstrom to go beyond the clothing and footwear it has become known for, it also appears when demand for home goods weakens from a pandemic maximum and consumers are beginning to give up discretionary costs. However, the department store better withstands economic pressure attracts a richer consumer this seems to be less affected by inflation, CEO Eric Nordstrom said during a Telsey Advisory Group chat near the fireplace earlier this month. The parachute pops up in Nordstrom

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