The naval base in Portsmouth received a new specialized vessel Typhoon 3000

The Dutch company Ravestein delivered a specialist vessel to support the repair and maintenance of ships of the British Royal Navy at Portsmouth Naval Base.

A barge called the Typhoon 3000 worth $ 20.35 million (£ 15 million) is designed to help keep ships ready for frontline operations.

The ship has four movable legs that can extend to the seabed, allowing its large work platform to be lifted out of the water.

It offers a stable platform for maintenance and lifting equipment.

Thanks to this new feature, smaller ships will not need to enter the docks of frigates and destroyers of the naval base during repairs and other related work.

This will make it possible to carry out repairs and speed up the procedure of keeping ships ready for work.

It is expected that the repair and maintenance services of the city fleet, including Queen Elizabeth (QEC) aircraft carriers and River patrol vessels, are expected to improve.

Commander of the Naval Base, Commodore J. J. Bailey said: “The barge is offering the naval base a clear boost to its capabilities to improve the accessibility of our ships and carry out covered ship repairs.”

The Royal Navy worked with industry partners on this project for three months.

The barge will also facilitate engineering work by providing access points on the aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Queen Elizabeth.

The official naming ceremony of the barge is scheduled for April 4.

Earlier this month, Offered by BAE Systems Combat Systems software updates for the two aircraft carriers of the British Royal Navy QEC.

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