The Madison virtual directory associated with the account falls into B2B

Madison has announced the debut of a new online shopping e-catalog on its B2B, which will be constantly updated with the latest prices and products.

Instead of producing fast-outdated printed goods, the digital version will be updated throughout the year to help stores stay up to date on everything new in the distributor’s range.

This page-reversing directory will show the stock level on each page, so instead of browsing the print directory with open B2B, you can do both in one place for the first time. Other benefits include being able to access from any device (not just a PC), consumers will be able to use it in-store and of course significantly reduce the impact on the environment because it is hosted online rather than printed on paper.

Dominic Langan, CEO of Madison, said: “We are excited to introduce something truly new to the market, and Madison will lead the way with innovative ideas to improve how we can serve our customers’ needs and reduce our impact on the environment.”

This virtual directory can be accessed on all digital devices and all employees. What’s more, the virtual shopping catalog is fully integrated into your MadisonB2B account, so you can easily place orders and even use the tool with a consumer in your store.

A virtual trade catalog will work www.madisonb2b.co.uk from 14 Februaryth.

Madison accounts are invited before the digiBike event send your questions to a question-and-answer session with senior management to be chaired by CEO Dominic Langan. digiBike will provide a full month of content starting Monday, February 21 and continuing until Friday, March 18

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