The lawyer says the Justice Department will withdraw the proceedings and the grand jury will investigate Bolton’s book.

The Justice Department filed a proceeding against former President Donald Trump’s former national security adviser John Bolton on Wednesday over a court document and his book that authorities alleged disclosure of confidential information, according to Bolton representatives. Abandoned.

Bolton’s lawyer said Wednesday that prosecutors also withdrew the grand jury’s investigation into the publication of the book.

Trump administration sued last year To Block the release of Bolton’s book, “The room where it happened”, and collect a copy of the book that has already been distributed. Published for the 2020 presidential election, the book provided a behind-the-scenes and flattering explanation of Trump’s foreign policy.How it explained Trump asked Xi Jinping Jintao of China To help the prospect of American reelection and how Trump put pressure on his Ukrainian responders for a politically indicted investigation.

A lawyer at the Justice Department who sued the book said the manuscript contained sensitive information that could compromise national security, and former US ambassador Bolton was designed to prevent the disclosure of government secrets before publication. Claimed not to complete the review process. ..

On Wednesday, the Biden administration submitted a document dismissing the proceedings to federal court, officially ending the year-round court battle.

“These actions are a complete proof of Ambassador Bolton, in the name of protecting confidential information, first restraining the publication of the book and penalizing the ambassador if it fails in court, former President Trump. Represents the refusal of the attempt, “said Sarah Tinsley, a Bolton spokeswoman.

Bolton’s lawyer says he proceeded with the book after a White House National Security Council employee with whom Bolton had worked for months said the manuscript no longer contained sensitive information.

Former National Security Adviser John Bolton speaks at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington on Monday, September 30, 2019.  (Pablo Martinez Monsivais / AP)

In a letter filed in court last September, its official, Ellen Knight, explained how Trump administration officials repeatedly exerted political pressure on their unsuccessful efforts to prevent the release of the book. did. She described the unusual process of delayed tactics and legal manipulation.

Career government record expert Knight, through her lawyer, has made a political appointment with no experience in the pre-publishing review process after determining through her lawyer that the manuscript does not contain sensitive information and is ready for approval. Officials White House will carry out a new review.

The official then flagged hundreds of sections of Bolton’s manuscript and believed that the authorities were still classified.

A federal judge rejected the Justice Department’s efforts to suspend the release of the book last year, partly because hundreds of thousands of copies had already been distributed. However, the judge expressed concern that Bolton published the book before receiving a formal permit, saying Knight was blocked by the White House.

In addition to suing Bolton, the Justice Department has launched a criminal investigation into the book, but the investigation has now been withdrawn, Bolton’s representative said. A spokesman for one department declined to comment on Wednesday.

Bolton’s lawyer Charles J. Cooper described the government’s efforts to thwart the book as part of Trump’s “Political Motivated Order.”

“By completing these procedures without penalizing Ambassador Bolton or limiting income from books, the Justice Department is illegal for President Trump and Whitehouse officials,” Cooper said in a statement. Implicitly admitted that he had acted on. “

In 2019 June this file photo taken in 28 days, Xi Jinping Jintao of China, before the bilateral meeting at the beside of the G20 summit in Osaka, has been shaking hands with Donald Trump President.  (Brendan Smialowski via Getty Images / AFP)
Bolton says Trump asked China to help him re-election

President Donald Trump said China’s during the 2019 summit, according to a bitter new book by former Trump adviser John Bolton, who accuses him of being driven by political calculations in making national security decisions. It was “begging” to help the re-election prospects in Xi Jinping.

The book is Trump’s first impeachment that Bolton wrote how Trump linked the supply of military aid to Ukraine to the willingness to carry out an investigation by Trump’s Democratic rival, current President Joe Biden. After the news was reported during the trial, it received considerable attention even before it was published.

These allegations were central to the impeachment trial, which ended in February 2020 after being acquitted by Trump’s Senate. Bolton refused to testify in the impeachment proceedings.

Bolton’s time at Trump’s White House was, of course, rocky. Bolton, a well-known national security hawk, was a strange choice for Trump, who advocated ending US military operations abroad. Even after Bolton resigned, the two continued to clash in public comments.

“The government’s abandonment of both Bolton’s criminal investigations and civil proceedings shows that both actions were pursued at the request of the Trump White House as political retaliation against Bolton, not as a legal benefit. “A former Justice Department national security official said. David Rauffman.

“This is now another issue that justifies the investigation by the Inspector General of the Justice Department,” he added. The lawyer says the Justice Department will withdraw the proceedings and the grand jury will investigate Bolton’s book.

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