The Kremlin promises to “find and punish” those responsible for the “murder” of the soldiers

The Kremlin said on Monday it would prosecute those responsible for the “murder” of Russian soldiers in Ukraine after the videos surfaced online and sparked backlash. accusations of war crimes from Kiev and Moscow.

Footage that appeared on social media last week showed the bodies of Russian soldiers killed after surrendering to Kiev forces, Moscow said.

Ukraine denies that its forces killed prisoners of war, saying the soldiers were shot after a fake surrender.

“Undoubtedly, Russia itself will look for those who committed this crime. They must be found and punished,” said the press secretary of the Kremlin Dmitriy Piaskov told reporters.

Russia “will do everything within the framework of international mechanisms to draw attention to this crime,” he added.

The Defense Ministry said last week that the video showed the “deliberate and methodical killing” of more than 10 soldiers.

Last week, the UN said it was aware of the videos and was reviewing them. The report, released earlier last week, said there were credible allegations of abuse on both sides.

One video shows soldiers surrendering to several soldiers wearing camouflage and wearing yellow armbands.

Soldiers who appear to be lying on the ground in the rubble-strewn yard of a house. The video abruptly ends, shots are heard.

Another video shot from above shows the bodies of about a dozen people surrounded by obvious bloodstains.

AFP has not independently confirmed the existence of the videos, and the Russian Ministry of Defense has not said when they were obtained.

The Russian Human Rights Council said the alleged shootings took place in Makeyevka, a village in the east Luhansk region of Ukrainewhich the Ukrainian army claimed to have repelled last week. The Kremlin promises to “find and punish” those responsible for the “murder” of the soldiers

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