The Government is launching a new £1.5m artificial intelligence programme

The Government has announced the launch of an innovative new Green Artificial Intelligence (AI) program and is inviting applicants to apply for funding for projects that can help reduce emissions in the UK.

The new £1.5m funding initiative from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), called the AI ​​for Decarbonisation, is part of the government’s £1bn innovation portfolio and consists of from two separate grant streams. funding to be launched in the first two phases.

Stream 1, which BEIS says is worth up to £500,000, will be available to co-fund a virtual center of excellence for AI innovation and decarbonisation by March 2025, while Stream 2, which BEIS says is worth up to £1 million, will fund a range of innovative projects that drive the development of artificial intelligence technologies that support decarbonisation.

Later in 2023, BEIS said it intends to provide additional funding to support priority areas of AI innovation that have been identified by the virtual center of excellence as critical to supporting the UK’s transition to net zero emissions.

Science Secretary George Freeman said that as one of the world’s leading centers of artificial intelligence innovation, the UK is already experiencing the benefits the technology can bring to the economy and society. However, he added that there is “tremendous potential to do more” to use artificial intelligence to accelerate the transition to zero.

“The AI ​​for Decarbonisation program offers an exciting opportunity to use and build on the UK’s excellent expertise in this area,” he said.

“Implementing this fast-growing technology will enable us to save energy costs for businesses and households, create high-value skilled jobs and spark millions of pounds of private investment, all while supporting our net-zero targets.”

BEIS said one of the aims of the program was to drive further innovation in the UK’s AI sector by encouraging collaboration across the technology, energy and industrial sectors.

The new program was based on ideas first developed in the National Artificial Intelligence Strategy, which was published by BEIS last September and highlighted a number of ways in which AI could support the UK in achieving its decarbonisation targets.

Projects that have been specifically encouraged to compete for funding include those that use artificial intelligence as a method to drive a faster transition to renewable energy, decarbonize industry through energy efficiency and fuel switching, and reduce emissions in the agricultural sector.

BEIS said the new AI for Decarbonisation Program is also expected to attract private investment in AI and contribute to addressing issues of ethics, bias and fairness in AI technologies that support decarbonisation programmes.

The program is open for applications starting this week and invites online applications. Applications for participation in the program will end on January 19, 2022. The Government is launching a new £1.5m artificial intelligence programme

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