The Garden Pollinator program offers opportunities for young people

Honey bees and other pollinators play an important role in the agricultural ecosystem. These pollinators are stressed due to a number of factors: pests, diseases, lack of habitat and more. The GROWMARK system would like to help youth organizations do their part to help support and grow honey bee populations.

This is the seventh year the Garden Pollinator Program is open to 4-H clubs, Ag in the Classroom groups and FFA chapters in the United States. Groups that previously participated in the program were automatically re-enrolled.

Organizations are required to find a public place and obtain permission to plant a pollinator garden before completing an application. It can be in a park, near a school, along a busy road, at the county fair or any visible location. GROWMARK will provide enough seeds to plant an area of ​​about 700 square meters, as well as educational signage that will be placed around the garden.

“More than 300 youth organizations have been part of the program since 2016,” said Karen Jones, GROWMARK youth and youth producer. “Increasing the number of pollinator gardens this year will help provide even more habitat for bees and other beneficial pollinator species.”

Clubs in the United States wishing to participate should complete the online application by March 11, 2022 Here. Questions to Karen Jones, or 309-557-6184.

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