The FUNKE media group is moving from a travel agency to the BCD

In the tender, FUNKE travel manager Lena Wiland showed that she wants to offer their travel organizers and travelers a modern online booking tool for a convenient digital experience. The BCD offered a service offering and strategy to drive savings, data analysis and satisfaction and traveler participation, as well as round-the-clock support.

FUNKE benefits from simple bookings and low travel costs with Cytric Travel & Expense

BCD has introduced Cytric, a powerful and user-friendly digital booking experience that ensures correct bookings and dramatically reduces travel costs. By integrating a wide range of sales and booking channels and maximizing price transparency, savings can reach 12% on direct travel costs and even higher on indirect travel costs through self-service and consistent integration of processes and data. FUNKE travelers benefit from the ability to quickly and easily book flights, hotels, train journeys and rent cars through a single web system or from mobile devices. They can see all the quotes at a glance, no matter where they come from: global distribution system, airline, low-cost carrier, hotel portal or other channel. Travelers can compare availability and prices from different providers, see if the price matches FUNKE’s travel policy, and directly book the cheapest offer.

Automate virtual payments

The band also implemented Virtual Payment Automation (VPA)), which facilitates FUNKE centralized payment for hotel reservations. With the automatic generation of a new virtual card number for each transaction, the risk of fraud is greatly reduced. When it comes time to reconcile, all fees on the virtual card account are automatically matched to bookings, saving time and resources.

BCD provides valid information with DecisionSource®

FUNKE also uses DecisionSource®, the BCD’s own business analytics platform. This gives them active notifications and valid information about traveler behavior, program compliance, and negotiation with suppliers. It also provides access to real-time traveler data and risks so they can make smart decisions to protect their travelers.

The BCD offering provides a modern digital experience and exactly what we need to further drive our digital transformation. Together we are the perfect team.

Lena Wieland is the travel manager at FUNKE Mediengruppe

About FUNKE Media Group

Information, entertainment and services – that’s what FUNKE offers its readers. The media company focuses on three main areas: Regional media; women’s magazines and TV guides; and digital services. More than 1,500 journalists and 4,500 media outlets in six states work for the FUNKE Mediengruppe.

Ask your BCD Travel program manager how to do more with DecisionSource. For more ideas and examples of what the BCD can do, read other success stories and testimonies here.

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