The fuel cell innovator is ready for Japanese cooperation in e-mobility

On Monday, June 7, 2021, myFC received and ordered «Located Lightec Inc. in Tokyo, Japanwhich in turn represent a global manufacturer of components for e-mobility ”.

“Who are myFC, and why is this ‘old news’ new news?” – may be a question you ask.

Unpacking the details, we’ll start with what we know for sure.

myFC The Swedish company, which focuses on green and sustainable technologies, was founded in 2005 as a result of fuel cell research at KTH, the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, and offers thin, modular and scalable PEM fuel cells, to electrical applications.

On Friday, June 11, 2021 second message myFC outlined: “One of the world’s giants in the field of soft mobility begins collaboration to test myFC solutions with scalable microfuel cells integrated into their products.”

Michael Glanz, CEO of myFC, said: “This is the right type of client and development project, I see great potential for both them and us.”

He continued, saying: “At the moment I am limited by the confidentiality agreement, but it is a large company that is very well known and well established in the global market.”

Now the speculative part.

There are 2 or maybe 3 Japanese companies that may fit the description of “cycling systems” given by myFC. Shimano and Yamaha are most prominent in the e-mobility space. However, it will ignore perhaps the least familiar but potentially most significant name; Panasonic.

Bearing in mind the unknown partner, we can reflect on the comments of board member Johnny Brester; “Our technology is very well suited for soft mobility, small electrified vehicles such as last mile delivery cars, scooters and electric bikes, etc., where normal battery operation always means limitations. With our fuel cells, you can significantly expand the range compared to relying solely on batteries. ”

Enough speculation; what’s the latest news?

The latest announcement on cycling, made on January 10, 2022, confirms that the proof of concept (POC), described as “a fuel cell system for (a) global manufacturer,” is on track to achieve design and schedule goals. supplies.

Nothing says “watch this space” like Fr. groundbreaking technological innovation is being developed in collaboration with an unnamed, “renowned manufacturer of bicycle systems”, at a time when global demand for electronic bicycles and electronic cargo bicycles is growing.

https://cyclingindustry.news/fuel-cell-innovator-poised-to-deliver-japanese-e-mobility-collaboration/ The fuel cell innovator is ready for Japanese cooperation in e-mobility

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