The Forest Service and the Public Lands Board announce a grazing agreement

Under a new memorandum of understanding, ranchers who graze their livestock on U.S. Forest Service property will have a more streamlined approach to sharing data with federal partners.

The USFS and the Public Lands Council announced the memorandum Monday to help ranchers and federal forest officials “collaborate in collecting and analyzing rangeland health data, ultimately leading to better management of the nation’s forests and grasslands,” according to a news release. The data collected as part of the Memorandum of Understanding will provide the USFS with more information about rangeland health.

“This MOU demonstrates our continued commitment to working with permittees and building trust while expanding our collective ability to collect critical information about the health and productivity of National Forest System lands,” said USFS Chief Randy Moore.

PLC President Mark Rober said the MOU “will allow permittees and the Forest Service to better share key information and strengthen partnerships between producers and agency officials.”

Under the agreement, the USFS will identify allotments where data monitoring is currently being conducted and invite those with permits to participate in the cooperative program. Ahead of the PLC’s annual meeting, the two organizations will meet to discuss rangeland activities. This conversation will then be included on the agenda of the annual meeting with USFS officials.

The memorandum will be valid until January 2027.

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