The FMV is receiving the 48th and final Archer artillery system from BAE Systems

The Swedish Defense Material Administration (FMV) received delivery of his 48thousand and the final Archer 155mm self-propelled howitzer from BAE Systems Bofors.

Earlier this month, the indirect fire unit conducted a series of firing tests with the new artillery system at the Test and Evaluation (T&E) Range in Carlsberg.

The tests were carried out to check whether the new system meets the requirements of the Swedish armed forces.

Indirect fire systems engineer Nora Soderby said, “We’re firing anywhere from 21 to 65 shots per piece depending on the configuration of these controls.”

The Archer Artillery Systems were delivered as part of a contract signed with BAE Systems in 2010 for the delivery of 24 systems to Norway and Sweden. FMV received the first system in 2015.

The latest delivery marks the start of a new phase involving the procurement of the Archer C prototype.

FMV and BAE Systems have already signed a contract to develop the new prototype, which is expected to have a fully accredited IT system as well as the new LSS Mark tactical control support system.

There is an FMV in separate development made a new order to purchase up to 300 trucks of various configurations Scania and Volvo.

The estimated value of this order is $44.25 million (SEK 460 million). It includes an additional delivery option of 260 machines.

The delivery of the machines is planned to be carried out between 2023 and 2024.

Trucks are procured to meet the need for maintenance vehicles in the logistics chain for all divisions.

FMV Heavy Wheeled Vehicle Program Manager Roger Hillerbo said: ‚ÄúSince the beginning of this year, there is a new framework agreement for [the] procurement of non-militarized heavy trucks from suppliers Scania and Volvo.”

The new Archer system was also tested and validated by the indirect fire unit at the T&E site in Carlsberg, Sweden. The FMV is receiving the 48th and final Archer artillery system from BAE Systems

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