The Firefly: Keep Flying one-shot comic is an early holiday treat

Christmas is known as a season of glitz and glamour, and what better sci-fi franchise to celebrate than those roguish space cowboys from “Firefly“Poem.

Boom! Studios is partnering with 20th Television for “Firefly: Keep Flying #1 (opens in a new tab),” a magical new mission written by Jeff Jensen (HBO’s “Watchmen,” “Better Angels”) and decorated with stylish artwork by Italian illustrator Nicola Izzo.

This special issue is aimed at Brown coats of all persuasions just landed in comic shops last week and provides a solid space adventure to enjoy. It covers the fan-favorite character River Tam, who played so well in the 2002 Fox television one-off Firefly and the 2005 Hollywood film Serenity, Summer Glow. Ours Firefly Streaming Guide can help you get to know the TV series and its movie “The Serenity”.

A cover of “Firefly: Keep Flying” by Boom! Studios. (Image: Boom! Studios)

The storyline picks up after the events of the TV series Firefly and sees the savvy River Tam plot a perilous course for the new Serenity crew to test their mettle in a space escapade that will decide whether they continue to travel the stars or keep their feet on solid ground land.

Here’s the official synopsis:

“Find a team. Get a job. Keep flying. Those words of wisdom take on a surprising new meaning for River—many years in the future! Although she relied on her family aboard the Serenity in more ways than anyone realized, the harrowing adventure will push River to her limits, and she’ll need her new chosen family to help her survive her Her determination to keep flying and the lessons that Serenity taught her are what will help River move to the most amazing horizons than anyone thought possible!”

This year marks 20 years a space western from writer-creator Joss Whedon that ran on Fox for only 14 episodes before being canceled in December 2002. Since then, the beloved show Firefly and the 2005 feature film The Serenity have built a serious cult following and legacy. Firefly lives on in fan conventions, clothing, novels, cookbooks, graphic novels, and comics.

Alternate cover art for “Firefly: Keep Flying”. (Image: Boom! Studios)

Firefly: Keep Flying #1 (opens in a new tab)” is available now and features a main cover by talented artist Franny (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”) and a variant cover by Miguel Mercado (“Power Rangers”). The Firefly: Keep Flying one-shot comic is an early holiday treat

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