The fifth submarine of the British Royal Navy class Astute made the first dive

The fifth nuclear submarine of the British Royal Navy class Astute, Anson, has concluded its initial dive into the Devonshire Dock in England.

As part of the operation, the 7,400-ton “Anson” 97 meters long was completely submerged.

During the differentiated dive, the crew conducted tests of the onboard systems to confirm the stability and safety of the submarine.

Anson Officer Commander David Bing Crosby said: “The immersion in the pool is a key milestone in the commissioning of HMS Anson. This period will allow us to establish the internal weight of the boat, prove its watertight integrity, test the sensors and test some of our systems before the first voyage.

“All participants should be very proud. The whole enterprise has reunited to achieve this evolution safely and in a timely manner, which is a clear indication of our joint approach and demonstrates what we can achieve if we all come together. ”

Last April, BAE Systems launched Anson at its Barrow-in-Furness site in Cumbria.

The company has signed a contract to build a total of seven Astute class boats for service.

Designer diving includes many tests that allow you to check and establish the exact weight of the vessel and the center of gravity.

More than 60 crew members were on board during the exercise.

As part of the exercises, tons of ballast were taken on board to test the ship’s stability.

BAE Systems Submarines Astute Program Director John Murby said: “The successful immersion of Anson is a significant milestone in the submarine’s testing and commissioning phase. This demonstrates the continued successful collaboration between BAE Systems, Submarines Enterprise and our suppliers to implement this national event for the Royal Navy. ”

HMS Astute, HMS Artful, HMS Ambush and HMS Audacious are the first four ships already in service.

Agamemnon and Agincourt, the sixth and seventh boats of the Astute, are in various stages of construction at Barrow Shipyard.

In addition, BAE Systems enters into a contract to supply Dreadnought-class submarines.

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