The FAA says the Thanksgiving travel peak will be Tuesday

The day before Thanksgiving and the Sunday after the holiday are traditionally the busiest travel days in the US. But this year, officials are expecting high numbers of passengers a little earlier as airports across the country advise travelers to allow extra time to travel to loved ones this week.

On Monday Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said Tuesday, Nov. 22, will be one of the busiest travel days before Thanksgiving. With more than 48,000 flights scheduled for last Friday, Nov. 18, the agency said the numbers indicate that airport crowds will increase as the holiday approaches.


Inside the numbers

According to the FAA’s forecast for Thanksgiving 2022, 48,082 flights are expected in the continental U.S. on Tuesday, November 22, at least 1,000 more flights than any other day that week. The agency reported that the busiest route on Tuesday is between Washington (DCA) and Boston (BOS)with 34 scheduled flights.

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Sunday, November 27, ranks as the second busiest Thanksgiving travel day. The FAA is forecasting 46,790 flights for Sunday, down 1,292 from Tuesday’s expected number. As it is the last day before the start of the work week, the following Sunday is usually very crowded at the airport every year.

The FAA estimates that nearly 400,000 flights will be made over the U.S. from Nov. 19 to 27, with 23,000 scheduled for Thanksgiving.

According to the Associated Press, for every 100 people who flew on Thanksgiving in 2021, 177 flew the following Sunday. This trend was also evident on the same day in 2019, making the Sunday after Thanksgiving the busiest airport travel day in 2019 and 2021. Passenger numbers during the 2020 holiday season were significantly lower due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Noisy Chi-Town

The news comes as Mr Chicago is preparing for a significant increase in ridership this week. Over the next week, the Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA) expects approximately 1.7 million travelers between Chicago O’Hare International Airport and Chicago Midway International Airport based on airline forecasts. According to estimates, the growth compared to the same period last year is 6.6%.

CDA Commissioner Jamie L. Rhee spoke about the expected high ridership on Monday.

“CDA appreciates the important role that O’Hara and Midway play in bringing together friends and families from across the country and around the world to gather around the Thanksgiving table. There is no higher priority for us this holiday season than providing a safe and secure environment for all our passengers, employees and the entire aviation community.”

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Passenger numbers at O’Hare Airport are expected to increase by 2.7% compared to last year’s travel period. Airlines predict that Sunday, November 27, will be the airport’s busiest day. Passenger traffic at Midway Airport is projected to increase by approximately 24.1% year-over-year, with Wednesday, Nov. 23, expected to be the busiest day, according to the CDA.

Emphasis on customer service

With numerous flight cancellations and delays this year due to aircraft maintenance issues and pilot shortages, the FAA said on its website that passengers will have resources if their flight is disrupted this holiday season.

“The Department of Transportation (DOT) has launched an interactive customer service dashboard to provide travelers with updated airline customer service policies on managed cancellations and delays so that customers have easy access to information when issues arise,” the agency said.

The FAA also said that airlines must follow through on their promises in terms of customer service and whatnot DOT will hold airlines accountable if they fail to do so. last month several airlines opposed the DOT’s plan to update the customer service dashboard.

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