The FAA has approved a new Aspen Avionics flight display software update

Aspen Avionics has released a new FAA-approved software update package for the EFD1000 Pro Max primary flight display and MFD 500/1000 Max multifunction displays that adds compatibility with select Garmin, Trio and BendixKing autopilots. The software release also updates the status of the Evolution E5 dual electronic flight instrument, and it now meets the requirements of the FAA Technical Standard (TSO) for electronic flight instruments. Owners of the previous version of the E5 software can upgrade to the TSO’d version for $995.

The software for the EFD1000 Pro Max allows integration with the Garmin GFC 600 autopilot and select altitude support for the Trio and BendixKing AeroCruze 100 autopilots. For the MFD500/1000 Max displays, the software adds extended runway centerlines as a free upgrade, although there may be a cost to install additionally. Customers who want to unlock Pro Max v2.12 software for GFC 600 upgrade can buy it for $1995.

Other features included in the 2.12 update include all basic autopilot output functions, IAS hold and Garmin electronic stability and protection without the need for an external air information computer, altitude and airspeed preselection, GPS data routed through the Aspen display to the GFC 600, director command panel flight on Pro Max, and the ability to preselect vertical speed on the Aspen display. The FAA has approved a new Aspen Avionics flight display software update

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