The Dominican Republic permanently lifts all remaining restrictions on COVID

The Dominican Republic has evil all other restrictions on COVID-19, including a mandate to wear a mask, were announced Wednesday by President Luis Abinader.

Unlike most Caribbean countries, the Dominican Republic does not require travelers to provide evidence of vaccination, a negative COVID-19 test or quarantine on arrival.

According to Abinader, this decision was made due to the significant reduction in the incidence of COVID-19 and because citizens need emotional recovery.

“Measures such as the use of masks, the need to present vaccination cards for access to all places, or restrictions in public places today are the individual responsibility of each of us. After this long battle, we began to restore our freedom. “ reads a statement published on the official website.

The President of the Dominican Republic Luis Abinader removes all restrictions on COVID-19

The President stressed the importance of continuing vaccination of those who have not yet been vaccinated, as well as progress in child vaccination campaign aged 5 to 11, which began on Monday.

“We will continue to monitor and monitor the situation. The country can also be sure that, unlike in the past, our healthcare system is ready for any case today, ”the President added.

With more tourists than most other Caribbean resort islands, the Dominican Republic is a great success story of the pandemic. Easy entry requirements are a draw, although residents have expressed concern.

The total number of COVID-19 cases registered in the Dominican Republic is estimated at 570,636, with 4,351 deaths.

According to the Ministry of Tourism, in December the Dominican Republic received 700,000 foreign tourists, more than in any other month before the pandemic.

This led to a total of nearly five million visitors in 2021, making it the most visited country in the Caribbean in 2021, which became the best fiscal year in the last 3 decades, according to financial analysts.

Others are Latin American countries that attract tourists due to their lack of COVID restrictions are Mexico and El Salvador, although the mask mandate is still in effect. The Dominican Republic permanently lifts all remaining restrictions on COVID

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