The British government bans all Russian aircraft from entering its airspace

Beginning in the north, according to Greenwich, on Friday 25 February, the British government imposed a ban on all Russian commercial and private aircraft, including all aircraft chartered by Russians, in British airspace. This ban affects not only Aeroflot, but also aircraft owned or leased by oligarchs.

The government’s Department of Transport has issued a Notice to Aviators (NOTAM) stating that all aircraft “owned, chartered or operated by a person associated with Russia” will be banned from flying into UK airspace. The ban will run until 23:59 GMT on May 23. Although this ban will include the UK’s territorial seas, it cannot prevent aircraft from flying beyond the 12-mile territorial limit.

The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) told the British newspaper Mail Online on Thursday this week that: “Following the Prime Minister’s announcement in Parliament today, the UK Civil Aviation Authority has suspended the airline’s foreign carrier license. Aeroflot ”(Aeroflot) until further notice. This means that Aeroflot will not be allowed to operate flights to or from the United Kingdom until further notice. ”

In a subsequent and unsurprising retaliatory move on Friday morning, Russia announced that all British aircraft were now banned from flying into Russian airspace.

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https://www.avitrader.com/2022/02/25/british-government-bans-all-russian-aircraft-from-its-airspace/ The British government bans all Russian aircraft from entering its airspace

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