The British Army is investing £15 million in vehicle protection systems

Olivia Savage, Christopher Petrov and Andrew Haller

MIPS receives funding. (Crown Copyright 2022)

Speaking at DVD 2022, Millbrook UK, Lieutenant General Sharon Nesmith, Deputy Chief of the General Staff, announced on 21 September that the British Army will invest £15 million ($17 million) over the next three years in the Modular Integrated Defense System (MIPS ) for the UK. ground forces.

This three-year investment, funded by the British Army, will enable the next phase of the MIPS Open Electronic Systems Architecture following the successful completion of the Icarus Technology Demonstrator Program (TDP), it said.

The next phase of investment will build on the MIPS Open Architecture Standard (MIPS Standard) – developed and demonstrated within Icarus – to validate a modular flexible active protection system (APS) at a high maturity level (TRL 7).

MIPS is designed to allow armored platforms to have multiple plug-and-play sovereign APSs, evolving within a single, modular, open system architecture. It can detect, classify, intercept and destroy incoming missiles without human intervention in the loop, said Ollie Manning, Leonardo’s vice president of Mission Systems.

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