The Black Sea coast of Ukraine is blocked by Russian exercises

Tim Ripley

An advanced submarine of the “Kilo” class of the Black Sea Fleet “Rostov-on-Don” on February 13 made a northern transit through Istanbul on the way to the Black Sea. (Jam Devrim Yailali)

Russia’s navy has launched missile and naval fire exercises that will close Ukraine’s Black Sea coast for six days from February 13, according to maritime security reports posted online.

The start of the exercise coincides with growing tensions between Moscow and the West over the build-up of Russian troops around Ukraine.

On February 11, on the website of the International Hydrographic Organization NAVAREA, announcements of combat shooting exercises in eight areas of the Black Sea were posted on February 11. The initial report, posted on February 9, also included the Sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčAzov in the exercise areas, but was later withdrawn.

According to the coordinates posted on the Internet, the areas of the exercises are to the west, south and east of the Crimean peninsula and along the Russian Black Sea coast. One of the firing zones stretches from the north-western point of Crimea to Romanian territorial waters.

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