The best science fiction and space games for Android and iOS

While space games and science fiction games tend to work best on consoles and PCs, quite a few science fiction games are also entering the mobile market. However, given the shovels that clutter Apple and Google’s app stores, it can be hard to figure out which sci-fi games are worth your time.

Fortunately, we have a list for that. This list showcases the top 10 science fiction and space games for iOS and Android. This list includes a number of genres, from arcade shooters with double sticks to classic role-playing games and everything else. If you want to fly spaceships or mowing aliensget ready to find your next addiction to mobile gaming.

Xenowerk) (iOS, Android)

(Image credit: Pixelbite)

Fans of Xenowerk double stick shooters should definitely check out. This 50-level sci-fi game filled with slippery mutants, creepy lab corridors and atmospheric horror is an interesting design exercise. It emphasizes the dynamics of lighting, arming you with a flashlight and some intricate firearms, with which you can fight off crowds of shaded, ready to jump monsters. It’s a bold look at the double-stick shooter genre, and Xenowerk is doubly ambitious to tackle a case like mobile gaming. Check it out! The best science fiction and space games for Android and iOS

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