The best men’s waterproof hiking jacket in the UK 2022: dry jackets from Rab, Columbia, Berghaus, Arc’Teryx

Best Men’s Waterproof Hiking Jackets 2022

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A good waterproof jacket is more important than it seems. If you hikingwalking or usually using a jacket for everyday work in the UK is likely you will need it to protect you from the rain, and should invest in a good jacket to make sure you have proper protection.

What to look for is waterproof

First, pay attention to the type of material and its weight – a lighter jacket is suitable for more intense vigorous exercise, and will give you improved reach and stretch – if you are in the mountains, you will not want to be limited in your movement. A heavy jacket may give you more heat, but it will be heavier, less breathable and harder to move around.

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What do waterproof ratings mean?

Water resistance ratings are indicated in “mm” and indicate the maximum amount of water that clothing can withstand before it can no longer contain the flood.

It usually ranges from 10,000 to 20/30,000 mm, so more than enough for most gray days in the UK. However, each jacket has its limits, so you should explore, for example, if you are heading into the jungle.

As for the fit, you should also mention the adjustment options, so we recommend looking for jackets that have good hem cords and the ability to fit under a helmet – good hood adjustment options are a must.

We also really like hoods with wired binders that are much easier to hold in the wind and rain…. There’s nothing more annoying than having to pull on the hood again every thirty seconds because it can’t stay in place!

Does the jacket breathe?

Breathing is an important factor if you need to wear a jacket while driving. For example, if you lie down on mountain clothes, you will want something that will take away sweat and will not retain body heat. Similarly, pay attention to a decent rating of water resistance (at least 5000 mm), as this refers to the maximum water resistance of the fabric.

Do zippered pockets close?

Many good waterproof jackets have taped seams and zippers, which means that what’s in your pockets will stay dry, but it’s a good idea to check, as versions may vary. Finally, some jackets have vents that provide cooling when you’re active – if you’re going to go hiking or trekking with a purchase, they’ll come in very handy if you otherwise stand out.

Our selection of women’s waterproof jackets here.

.Here is our list of the best waterproof hiking jackets on the market

Rab Zenith jacket

Rab Zenith jacket

Key Features: Weight, 330 g; Material, GORE-TEX; Waterproof rating; 15,000 mm; Pockets: 2; A bag of things? Yes; Colors: 3

Slave is a company founded in Sheffield in the early 1980s, so it goes without saying that they know a thing or two about walking in British weather.

Their lightweight Zenith jacket is designed like a jacket “made for the mountains” – it was one of our favorite proven jackets.

It has reinforcing panels in the sides and hood, as well as a comfortable articulation of the sleeves, which makes it easier to go for a long walk or climb. Although it was slender, we, importantly, found it easy to put on from below.

Long Arcteryx Beta jacket

Long Arcteryx Beta jacket

Key Features: Weight: 441 g; Material: GORE-TEX; Pockets: 3; A bag of things? Without colors: 4

Just one of the best waterproof jackets that we come back to again and again as we head up the hills.

We like his approach to “mountains” – he’s ready for just about anything you throw at him, and although he looks simple, his lightweight design and durable quality make up for his high cost.

This jacket is in line with its premium price, providing increased protection from wind and rain.

Its hip-length design and C-Knit lining meant we remained not just protected but comfortable during a hike in north-west Scotland, exposed to Atlantic winds.

We also appreciated the StormHood, which rotates without obscuring vision, which means our minds aren’t hindered along the way.

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Columbia Rain Scape jacket

Columbia Rain Scape jacket

Key Features: Weight, 500 g; Material, polyester; Pockets: 2 zippered hand pockets, 1 inner zippered pocket; A bag of things? No; Colors: 5

We liked the clear tail on this jacket, which means that in particularly bad weather it prevents the top of your pants from getting wet and allows water to flow down your back more efficiently.

We also enjoyed the many ventilation options, including armpit ventilation, making it feel like a lightweight, breathable and easy-to-use waterproof jacket for walks and hikes.

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Helly Hansen Odin Infinity Shell Jacket

Helly Hansen Odin Infinity Shell Jacket

Key Features: Weight, 600 g; Material, LIFA Infinity Pro 100% polypropylene; Pockets: 1 chest zipper pocket, 2 zipper hand pockets, inside valuable zipper pockets; A bag of things? No; Colors: 1

Despite the high price, this Helly Hansen jacket offers seriously impressive features and innovative material.

Using LIFA fibers, a technology first on the market, Helly Hansen has been able to develop a durable fabric adapted based on their productive base layers, without the need to add any chemicals.

This is a professional-grade jacket – we recommend using it on multi-day hikes in difficult terrain, or perhaps in off-piste or backcountry skiing and mountaineering. Impressive package.

Jack Wolfskin JWP Shell

Jack Wolfskin JWP Shell

A great waterproof option for every day at an affordable price for a semi-technical jacket. The Jack Wolf version comes with 20,000mm water resistance and excellent breathability.

We liked that both the outer material and the membrane are made of recycled polyester – and in general the jacket itself feels well made, durable and suitable for use in any conditions. It is also lightweight, so highly recommended for anything like daily travel.

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Men’s waterproof jacket for mountain walking Quechua

Men’s waterproof jacket for mountain walking Quechua

Key Features: Weight, 538 g; Material, 78% polyamide, 22% polyester coating; Waterproof rating; 15000 mm; Pockets: 2 zippered hand pockets, 1 inner zippered pocket, 1 inner pocket; A bag of things? No; Colors: 3

Quechua is well known for providing affordable options for everyday wear. We liked the 3-layer membrane and included elastane for extra elasticity on the stitches. Simple, simple waterproof jacket, good enough for everyday wear, dog walks and weekends.

Berghaus Athunder GORE-TEX waterproof jacket

Berghaus Athunder GORE-TEX waterproof jacket

Key Features: Weight, material 565 g, GORE-TEX, polyester; Pockets: 2 hand pockets with zippers; A bag of things? No; Colors: 3

GORE-TEX jackets are at the forefront as waterproof technology for many brands, so it’s no surprise to see them on this list.

It’s also not surprising to see in the Berghaus list, which for many has been a provider of everyday camping and street equipment in the UK for generations.

A 3-layer waterproof system is included in this jacket, making the jacket sturdy, durable and reliable, with a thickness that can be trusted in most conditions, and a traditional look that suits most people.

We tested the medium size and found that it is particularly large in size, especially in the sleeves, making it particularly easy to layer from the bottom.

Patagonia Torrentshell

Patagonia Torrentshell

Key Features: Weight, 396 g; Material processed nylon; Pockets: 2 hand pockets with zippers; A bag of things? No; Colors: 9

One of the simplest jackets on the market, you will not go wrong with the waterproof offer of the famous brand Patagonia.

We thought it was another great option for both everyday wear and for long walks or hikes – it’s handy and, like the others on this list, it also packs in your own bag when you run out of space.

In addition, and importantly, it is also 68% made from recycled materials, so it is a great sustainable option.

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Pac Plus XT Montane men’s waterproof jacket

Pac Plus XT Montane men’s waterproof jacket

Key Features: Weight: 375 g; Material: GORE-TEX; Pockets: 3; A bag of things? Without colors: 3

It’s an amazingly lightweight option that rivals the minimalist weight competition.

However, the Montane is not without excesses, it boasts an adjustable hood, practical pockets the size of a card and zippers, which makes the jacket a great option for sweaty climbs and jumps.

Hikers can also enjoy being safe outdoors knowing that they are wearing a jacket made from 100% recycled materials.

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Salomon OUTline GTX jacket

Salomon OUTline GTX jacket

Key Features: Weight: 345 g; Material: GORE-TEX; Pockets: 2; A bag of things? Without colors: 5

This effort of Solomon is even easier than Montane. We tested the jacket while climbing Corbett on the rugged Neudart Peninsula, and stayed dry when the skies inevitably opened up, thanks to the GORE-TEX Paclite design and DWR processing.

When the temperamental mountain weather improved, we were able to easily fold and pack the jacket. The combination of protection and sophistication makes this jacket just in case for spring, summer and fall.

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