The army will compete for the best warrior, paying attention to the detachments

Two decades later, The armyThe “Best Warrior” contest is over. Instead, this year will be the first competition for the best team, as the service is focused on creating a team.

On Tuesday, Army Sergeant Major Michael Greenston, the Army’s chief of staff, announced a new competition that would begin in September. The winning team will be announced at the October Conference of the United States Army Association, or AUSA.

“For more than two years, I’ve been talking about the importance of building a cohesive team that is well-prepared, disciplined, and adaptable,” Greenston said. “Now it’s time to measure yourself against that standard.”

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The “Best Warrior” competition consisted of physical education activities, shooting training, medical assignments and written exams. The full list of what will be included in the “Best Squad” contest is unknown, but the events will be team-oriented – for example, a squad attack, in which part of the squad shoots at a target, and the other part – flanks and attacks it. Twelve teams, including one from the Army Reserve and National Guardwill compete.

The new competition will not use traditional infantry units, which usually consist of two teams of four soldiers, each led by a non-commissioned officer and then a detachment leader in charge of the two sergeants.

Instead, the competition will use teams of five, with two sergeants in charge of the three junior servicemen. A first class sergeant or staff sergeant will manage; The detachment will also have a sergeant or corporal as team leader, as well as three junior soldiers. Although staff sergeants have traditionally headed infantry units, a higher rank has been allowed for units that are normally headed by E-7.

“It’s not going to be perfect, I admit it,” Greenston said. “But we’ll do it anyway.”

But units should not try to create a “super squad” of the best soldiers to dominate the competition. Instead, Greenston said he wants organic teams of soldiers working together every day.

“Don’t create a super team to come. It’s designed to get your teammates in front of the army,” Greenston said. “The goal you have is an organic team.”

Although the formal Best Warrior competition is not being held, the soldiers in the new competition will still be judged individually. Along with the winning team at AUSA, the best individual soldiers and non-commissioned officers will be announced. These two soldiers may come from a team that did not win the overall title.

The announcement comes at a time when the “This is My Squad” initiative has become a staple of Greenston’s time as the top military leader. These efforts are designed to replicate the cohesion that is often observed in toddlers special operations units. NCOs in squads have the greatest influence on junior troops; therefore, efforts to encourage lower-level leaders are seen as crucial to the core functions of the service – the idea that strong detachments means a strong army.

In addition to training, Greenston urged leaders to get to know their junior servicemen and their families, and what resources these soldiers may need, whether it be special military skills training or mental health.

“I want the units to really think about what the squad is made of,” Greenston explained. “This is my detachment” is not just a traditional infantry detachment. These are small groups of soldiers who really know and care about each other and keep each other at a high level of skill, discipline and fitness. ”

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