The Alltech ONE Conference returns to Kentucky on May 22-24

In less than 100 days, Alltech ONE Conference (ONE) will return to Lexington, Kentucky for a collaborative exploration of the challenges and opportunities in the agri-food industry and beyond. Alltech has announced that their 38th annual flagship annual event will be held May 22-24, both in person and virtually, on a first-class platform with live broadcasts and on-demand presentations. available to ensure accessibility for everyone, everywhere.

Reflecting the most relevant topics that have an impact on the agri-food industry, the key topics of the discussions at the ONE will include science, sustainability and storytelling.

“Opportunities abound for the global agri-food sector to shape the future of our planet,” said Dr. Mark Lyons, President and CEO of Alltech. “We can provide nutrition for all, while fueling economic vitality and realizing our Earth’s resources. The potential for impact is profound, but it requires a higher level of commitment and collaboration from each of us. ONE is much more than an assembly; it is an invitation to step forward and share a vision of promise for our ONLY planet. ”

ONE participants will be inspired by keynote speakers who unleashed the power of innovation and courageous leadership for a positive impact.

Mick Ebeling is a keynote speaker at the Alltech ONE Conference (ONE).

Mick Ebeling, founder and CEO of Not Impossible Labs and author of “Not Impossible: The Art and Joy of Doing What Couldn’t Be Done,” will take over ONE’s main stage in person, and his presentation will also feature broadcast live to them. virtual joining.

Ebeling was recently named Fortune magazine as one of the world’s top 50 leaders. He received the Muhammad Ali Humanitarian of the Year award and is listed as one of the most influential creative people in the world by The Creativity 50s. Ebeling has launched a pragmatic, inspirational innovation movement, and as a career producer and filmmaker, he harnesses the power of technology and storytelling to change the world.

Paul Polman is a keynote speaker at the Alltech ONE Conference (ONE)

The virtual presentation is Paul Polman, who has been described by the Financial Times as “a remarkable CEO of the last decade.” As CEO of Unilever (2009-2019), he stopped reporting quarterly revenue to focus on a long-term strategy that would successfully double revenue while halving the company’s environmental impact.

Prior to joining Unilever, Polman served as CFO and Vice President for the Americas at Nestlé and as President for Western Europe at Procter & Gamble. He has been a member of the UN Secretary-General’s High-Level Committee, which has developed and continues to support the Sustainable Development Goals, working with global organizations to promote the 2030 development agenda.

Paul’s new book, “Net Positive,” is a call to arms for courageous business leaders, emphasizing how to build net positive companies that benefit by fixing the world’s problems rather than creating them. He serves as president of IMAGINE – a social change society – and of the Saïd Business School. He is vice-president of the UN Global Compact and leader of Team B and honorary president of the International Chamber of Commerce, which he has led for two years.

While ONE’s world-class keynote speakers will provide universally valuable insights, the specific topic and the species all will explore emerging opportunities in aquaculture, beef, crop science, dairy, pork, poultry, equine, health and welfare, business and beer production and distillation. Confirmed speakers are currently listed on the ONE website, and more will be added.

Virtual participants in the ONE will have access to the main notes broadcast live and to presentations of pre-recorded songs that can be viewed on request. For participants in person, the ONE experience will extend into the beautiful downtown Lexington, Kentucky, with special events, dinners and tours.

To learn more about the Alltech ONE Conference, including how to register, visit conference website.

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