The ACA is celebrating the return of the 2nd level charter broker qualification

The Air Charter Association (ACA) conducted the second phase of its personal Air Charter Broker qualification training on February 9, attended by 36 delegates, and 94 percent passed among them. This is the first personal Level 2 course conducted by the ACA after qualification training was postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The Level 2 course is one of three courses required for aviation professionals to earn the title of Qualified Air Charter Broker.

During the break from the norm, the 2nd level course was held in the hall of FBO Harrods Aviation. The placement allowed delegates to gain “flying experience” with tours of Titan Airways ’engineering hangar, cargo plane and newly delivered Airbus A321neo business class. Delegates also learned about aircraft handling equipment and the capabilities of the private Harrods terminal.

“It was a refreshing change to get out of traditional classrooms and offices so our participants could see first-hand how behind-the-scenes flights are happening at the airport, FBO and flight operations,” said the ACA Deputy Chairman and Course Leader. Julie Black. “It was a great introduction to the next level in our Air Charter Broker qualification, and I look forward to having delegates complete our Level 3 course in April to get a full qualification.”

https://www.ainonline.com/aviation-news/business-aviation/2022-02-17/aca-marks-return-level-2-charter-broker-qualification The ACA is celebrating the return of the 2nd level charter broker qualification

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